Decision One Australia Pty Ltd. is a product of combined experience of former directors of technical/service department. That is why, High-Level Service Relationship is the core of the company.

We have been distributing General Data Healthcare (formerly TBS-Triangle Biomedical Science) for the past few years.


My thanks to the businesses that have supported Decision One over the years sharing in the ideals and values we have set as our benchmark. To those organisations seeking to attain a Customer Service relationship designed to protect the performance of your diagnostic assets or are considering equipment purchase or software solutions , we invite you to contact us and allow Decision One to review and present options for your consideration.




To support clinicians and healthcare professionals achieve expectations and results by providing superior and innovative maintenance and product solutions. 





To continue building a strong presence within the research and diagnostics sectors by capitalising from our extensive knowledge in Pathology and by establishing regional rights to next generation equipment and platform technologies, complimentary to our core business activities throughout Australasia.